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Oh ya, and trying to get an actual accurate reading of a blood pressure on a baby is damn near impossible! (3 of us tried, 2 of "us" being actual RN) and I got it first, after 3 tries! oye...


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OK, cool clinical for me, YAY!
I had a 20 day old baby boy, in for rule out sepsis and possible meningitis. The MD asked for us to do an NPA (naso-pharyngeal aspiration) and my co-assigned RN let me do it! I was with my clinical instructor and 2 classmates and man was I nervous! BUT did not let it show... as both parents were there. It was the first time I was doing this procedure on a live person, let alone a baby!
Managed to do it without incident and we got the sample and sent it to the lab. No idea what the results are though as we had to leave.. hope the little guy is ok.
Can't wait to do more skills like that.

"Nasopharyngeal Aspiration for Respiratory Virus or Bacterial Testing

Requires a suction mechanism (syringe, vacuum pump or wall suction), a specimen trap and catheter.

Insert catheter nasally into posterior nasopharynx.
Apply suction as catheter is slowly withdrawn. Do not leave sample in tubing.
If sample has been aspirated into a syringe seal the end of the aspiration tube and send specimen in syringe
or wash aspirate through tubing or trap with:
• 3mL of virus transport medium if for viral diagnosis only
• 3mL of sterile saline for microbiology culture/sensitivities and or viruses
Place sample in transport medium into sterile transport vial.
Ensure that the top of the vial is screwed on securely.
Label with patient name, date of birth, sample type and date of collection."

who me? ...Uncoordinated?

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OK, went to Starbucks and bought a Grande Pepermint Mocha, then proceeded to walk home with it... ended up with some on my pants!
Damn I can't walk and drink coffee at the same time.. wonder if I can still walk and chew gum at the same time!