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Sleep Study A.K.A. NOT Sleeping!

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I had to do an AT HOME sleep study... picked up the equipment at the hospital, they showed me how to strap in and back home I went to "sleep". Ya, right! How does one sleep while having a small black box starpped to your chest along with 2 other small things strapped to my chest and around my stomach, nasal prongs to record my breathing and an O2 sat monitor on my finger!

Firts off, I had a heck of a time trying to fall asleep, then woke up 4-5 times throughout the night. Ok, so I don't always sleep well and never feel rested even when I do (the whole point of the sleep study), but seriously, I think one actually needs to be able to sleep for this test to tell you something! I got about 3-4 hrs of sleep TOTAL between 10Pm and 5AM when I had to get up for clinical. Needelss to state I was tired and cranky Thursday, more so than usual.

Let's hope this reveals something and that I do NOT have to do it over... I think I would have had better luck sleeping at the hospital's sleep lab, but the waiting list is 5 months long...

(no comment on the Happy Bunny pj's.. they make ME happy!)

One Year Ago Today

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One year ago, a sick and deranged man came to my school and shot students.. he killed one girl,Anastasia DeSousa and later himself after police had shot him. 22 injured.. and our feelings of safety at school were destroyed.

Don't get me wrong, I know this stuff happens, but you never figure it to be YOUR school. Dawson is HUGE, many doors and ways in/out. SInce the shooting there is increased security on campus, PA system in the rooms and locks on all the doors, more than there were anyway... A friend told me there are dead bolts now, I have not looked to see yet.

They cancelled my clinical rotation today, I don't think I would have made it through 8 hrs anyway.. I am doing my psych rotation, so fitting in some way huh?

I am taking it easy today, getting together with a few good friends, attempting to get some studying done.

Let's hope that this never happens again at Dawson or anywheer else for that matter.

How Does This Happen?

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Ok, my leg brace broke.. for the 3rd time since mid-April... um, not good and not normal! I didn't do anything to it, didn't do anything out of the ordinary either.

The last 2 times something broke, it was just a screw/nail that broke off, this time the metal rod that goes down the side broke in half along with a screw/nail on the other side! I was walking at the time, and thank goodness I was at home. Had I been out I am not sure what I would've done. I am getting it fixed tomorrow, I think it's time they made a brand new one as this one seems to be jinxed.

Just because it's cute!

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Had to post this.. too cute!

Camp UBPN 2007

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I had a wonderful long weekend in Seattle/Auburn, Washington. 4 planes in 4 days.. 6 hrs+ of travel time there and 6 hrs back. A 3 hr time change too!

I went there for the UBPN Camp. It is a Camp for people/families of children who have a Brachial Plexus Injury, either from birth (birth accident) or Trauma (car accident/skiing..). It is a great place to meet people who are facing the same challenges that you are, a place for parents to meet and talk and see older kids/adults with this and realize that their kids will/can grow up to do just about anything they want!

Some kids are more affected than others, they may have a global injury where C5-6-7-8 and T1 are injured, others it's just C5-6.. and so on. But overall we face the same challenges just to different degrees.

I tried to climb a rock wall, I went swimming, ate s'mores at campfire, picked berries off the bush, tried out the Biofeedback machine (Myotrac), met people that I have only known via the internet. Participated in round table discussions with parents and kids, with other OBPI adults and teens, sat in on therapist panels and doctor panels, spent tons of time outside in the sun relaxing and talking. It was a beutiful place to be and I wish it was longer. Next time, Camp UBPN will be in Florid in 2009! and I can't wait!!!