R.I.P. Randy Pausch

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October 23rd, 1960- July 25h, 2008


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I have had a few people ask me WHAT happened to me that I became paralyzed and what has gone on since.. I posted a bit about it in my first post back in 2006, but here is more...

Ok, so how I became paralyzed.

4 years ago, March 17th I started to feel intense nerve pain, burning/tingling, between my shoulder blades. I thought it was from a pinched nerve or slipped disc, as I was a competitive figure skater and had had a few bad falls the week before and I taught pre-k and had had to scoop up and carry a heavy 4 yr old across the street to make sure he didn't get hit by a car the day before. (he had dashed into the street).

That night I took a hot shower and I went to bed and woke up at 2 am in worse pain, took another hot shower and went back to bed. Woke up for work the next morning, too another hot shower and felt weird, like I could not feel touch on my back. And the pain was a 20 on the 1-10 pain scale!

March 18th
I went to work (I know stupid, but I did not trust my TA to be able to handle the kids as she was nice, but could NOT discipline!). I only worked until 1pm anyway and then I would go to the clinic.

I made it to work, concentrating on each step I took. I felt like I could not walk well, like I had ants in my legs (kind of like having restless leg syndrome). Once there I lay down on the story-time mat and cried. I hurt so much, I knew I could not function. My TA walked in and I told her to get my boss. It was 8:30AM at this time. My boss came, finally, and said she would bring me to the walk-in clinic as she did not want to call an ambulance as she was afraid the kids would be scared (I know, Bitch..sorry, but ya). I got there around 9AM, and finally saw the MD at 9:45. At this point I could not walk well, felt like my legs would give out. I was on the examining table, and the MD was touching my spine, I could not really feel the touch and the pain was intense. She told me it was most likely a pinched nerve and gave me a few prescriptions and told me to come back Monday (It was Thursday).

Problem was I was leaving to compete at Nationals in Burnaby BC on Sunday and would be gone 10 days. I was freaked! All I wanted was a quick fix to get me through the competition. She told me to then get back to her when I came home, but to take it easy... ?? Ya, right, this is ME we are talking about!

I went to get down off the examining table, swung my right leg off, no problem, got my left leg down, and FELL. My left leg was paralyzed and I had had NO IDEA!

I was on the floor, the MD came running back in. I told her what happened and she called 911. They came and by that time, my stomach muscles had gone too! They took me to the hospital, at this point I could still move my right leg, not as well, but still had movement.

By 11AM, I was paralyzed from the breast-line down. They took bloods, x-rays and an MRI. By 11PM I had a diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis at T1, with some disturbance (sensory, migraines, nausea..) at C6-5, possibly higher. On the MRI you could see the inflammation at T1-T3. They did a lumbar puncture and another MRI later that week with contrast.

I spent 10 weeks in acute care (regular hospital, on the neurology was), where I was ok the first 5 days, then went downhill with extreme nausea, migraines... and was put on primary care (so I had the same team of 3-4 nurses all the time). I ended up getting C-Difficile, and stopped eating for fear of having to poop all the time again, even after the C-diff cleared up. I had a PICC line put in and was on TPN (IV "food") for 3 weeks. I was discharged May 27th. From there I went to a rehab hospital (IRM) after the 10 weeks, spent 8 weeks as an in-patient, then finally got home in July.

I was in a wheelchair and went to PT 3x a week (5x a week when in hospital and rehab hospital as an in patient). I worked hard. Went back to work as a pre-K teacher in September, 6 months after getting TM. I still had PT/OT 3x a week, along with the gym (where I did rehab they have a phys-ed program too, so you do PT and OT and GYM). This was now at Lucie Brunneau rehab hospital. I spent about 18 months going there for PT/OT/Gym/psych. I was tired.. all the time, but knew I needed to do this.

I got sick again in Feb 2005, not paralyzed, but extreme nausea, fatigue, migraines. Spent 3 weeks in hospital again, after being "sick" for 3 weeks at home/work. Lost about 30 lbs.. some of which I needed to lose as I had gained weight anyway being in a chair! LOL

March 1st 2005 I applied to nursing school, after having gotten out of the hospital 4 days earlier! I was still in a chair of course, but working hard to regain my ability to walk. I could, but not long.

I was accepted and as of June 18th I stopped using my wheelchair, unless it was to go to the mall or long distances. I used my cane and leg brace and worked on endurance and balance until classes started in late August.

And the rest, as they say is History!

Human Pincushion

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AKA EMG/Nerve Conduction Test take 2!

I had another EMG yesterday, to make sure my arm is actually getting better and I am not daydreaming that it is. and...

Lo and Behold, IT IS! YAY! The reason my arm lost function was in fact due to the Zanaflex I take. So now I am not taking it anymore, just taking the Baclofen and getting the Botox every 3-4 months. Not ideal, as my body reacted well to the Zanaflex (too well, I guess).
Oh ya, when the neuro did one in my hand (to see if a muscle distal to the problem was affected) I thought I would pass out, it hurt so bad! She hit the motor end-plate and the nerve endings there are numerous.

Global view of a neuromuscular junction:
1. Axon
2. Motor end-plate
3. Muscle fiber
4. Myofibril

Nurse Marieke :)

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Bedding for Health Professionals?

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Check this out... I found it at Ikea. For anything bigger than Twin size, the duvet cover has 2 people stenciled on it.

Bonne Fete Quebec!

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It's Quebec City's 400th anniversary!

Lower End – Old Quebec City

Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day