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Well, the day has come. This Friday I will get Botox for my spasticity/clonus in my left leg. I am nervous, scared and excited! I am nervous because this is new for me, scared because I think it'll hurt and excited because the thought of being less spastic and less clonus is, well, amamzing. It's been 3 years of this and I need a break.

The Botox lasts for for up to 3 months, so this means that if it works for me and I think it's worth it, I will have to do it again... and again.

Wish me luck! And yes, i will blog about it... I may even bring a camera and get my friend to take pics.

Shooting.. again

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After the Dawson shooting there were 3 more school shootings in the US. And now there is another, this time over 30 dead and another 30 injured. I had hoped that I would not be writing about another school shooting, but here I am. This one is being called the worst school shooting ever in the US. I believe it. It's sad, it angers me. I saw it when I got home from school and just sat there and cried. Memories of my own school shooting and the aftermath still very much in my thoughts. Many of us at school are still going through some form of post-traumatic stress disorder. These memories may fade eventually, but not yet.

My thoughts are with those at Virginia Tech. The pictures bring back many scary memories, and those living through it now will not soon forget or get over it.

New Pics of Makena

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As many of you know by my previous post, I have a foster baby elephant that I sponsor in Africa. She is rather cute and gets into all sorts of trouble (funny, good trouble) and is a real mischief maker! I recently got an update with a few new pictures so thought I would include them here!

One of Makena alone and one with her and her stockade mate, Sian. She loves Sian and really loves sucking on Sian's ear which drives Sian absolutley nuts... but she eventually gives up and lets Makena do as she pleases. (Makena loves being the baby!)

And if any of you wish to foster an elephant, look at the link I have on the right I named elephant rescue. It's $50 USD a year, and they are a reputable organization. Please check them out, it's well worth it.

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter! Hope the Easter bunny was good to you... this little guy is pooped after all the egg hidding he had to do!

And this is just funny, had to add it in!

Study Study Study!

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I am slowly going bonkers. I have a class test (#2) for nursing on Wednesday and am slowly losing it. I am having a hell of a time focusing on studying. I am so distracted at home, that I have to get out of the house to study, even the noisy (and I do mean LOUD) school cafeteria or upper atrium is better than home! Doesn't help that it is now "warmer" out and lately sunny! I finished clinical last week and walked out of the Vic to a bright sunny day, only I was too damned tired to enjoy it! But I chose this profession (why? oh ya right, I LIKE it... can't wait to graduate!).

As you can tell I decided to take a break, so am writing this blog entry... or I am procrastinating, AGAIN! I will get through this semester and PASS because the thought of doing it all again makes me want to cry, so, that being said it's back to the books (medical-surgical nursing... blah) and class notes, and there are a ton of them!

Oh ya, and my camera and/or software for the camera is messed up and I cannot download (upload?) any of my pics onto the computer!!! Grrrr!

Ok, back to it...