Last one... for now!

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So I had my last 2 appointments today... I went to the IRM and I got my new shoe orthotic and so far so good. It feels good to walk on, no pain or cramps. Then I went to the MGH for hip and pelvis x-rays... let's hope the doctor calls me soon to tell me what's next, apart from the Botox for my leg. I want to know if the x-ray shows anything or not.

And the saga continues...

Human Pincushion

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And so, I am nearly done with hospital appointments for a little while at least... 2 more next Tuesday. Today I had bloods drawn, fun stuff! I now have a bruise and welts from where the stupid tape was. I never used to react to the tape, now it would appear that I do.

I must say that I much prefer it when I am the one poking my patients, and not the one being poked, though I admit I am so very used to it now!

So next week, X-Rays of my hips and pelvis and getting my new shoe orthotic!

And the fun continues...

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OK, had test #2 at the neurophysiology lab. This one was called a cutaneous electrogastrography and using the water load/water challenge test. I was sitting/lying in a huge recliner (Lazy-Boy style) with 3 electrodes on my stomach. They took readings for 10 min, then I had to drink as much water as I could until I felt full, and then they took more readings for another 30 min. Basically I caught up on sleep! Yes, I fell asleep!

So after downing nearly 500cc of water and waiting 30 min I seriously had to pee. Thank god the washroom was NOT occupied!

March Break Madness

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The above pics are of an autonomic neurophysiology lab... this is one of the tests I went through last week. I'll see if I can bring my camera and get pics taken of me...

Ok, so the title makes it sound like I am at some fancy beach resort... I'm not, I'm here in cold Montreal.

What I mean by this title is the fact that now that I have some "down-time" I am still running around! I have doctor/hospital appointments scheduled all week!

Monday: MGH doctor appt for my hip
Wednesday: JGH test in the neurophysiology lab
Thursday: blood tests
Tuesday: IRM for my new shoe orthotic and after the MGH for x-rays
(5 appointments in 4 days)
in between these, I am studying, doing errands and hopefully a bit of shopping!

At least by going to the MGH I get to see my friends as in my ex-nurses/PT/dietician/neurologists... same for the IRM, makes it more fun. I was speaking to one of the neuros I had 3 yrs ago, she could not get over the changes/improvemnents. Pretty neat to be able to amaze doctors!

Update on med-surge II

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Well, I have made it through the first 6 weeks! AND I LOVE IT! Who knew? I am learning so much each time I go and really find that nursing is what I am meant to do. I am doing new skills and feel like a "real" nurse. I still hate the fact that the place is a maze, and as long as I don't stray far from where I know I am ok, hehe.

My group is great, we all help each other and really do work well as a team. The nurses on the floor are really nice and most enjoy teaching us too. Some really take the time to explain things to us and let us get a ton of hands-on experience. My clinical teacher is nice and trusts us and jokes with us (she changed her opinion about me having a disability and no longer doubts my abilities). It is a nice feeling not to be intimidated all the time. I find I learn so much better this way.

6 more weeks to go.. or 7, not sure, what with March break... (which I am on now!). Wish me luck!

Today also marks 3 since I got Transverse Myelitis. In a way, it is a "good" thing; made me want to become a nurse even more, gave me insight into how patients feel and will make me a better nurse. So I guess it isn't all bad (paralysis and all), more challenging for sure and I still have some doubts, but what student nurse doesn't?

(The pics are of me now, participating in my school's Open House and of me back in 2004, when I was in the hospital and saying that I would become a nurse!)