Babies Babies Babies!

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Just a quick update...

I will be doing my Obs rotation (6 weeks) at St-Mary's Hospital. I am not a big baby person... I mean, yes they are cute, but I prefer a toddler any day! Ah well, we'll see, I may change my mind about it all after this rotation!
I am glad that my good friend Marta will be with me! Yay, someone I know in my group!

Oh Man! What was I thinking?

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OK, note to any and all future nursing students... you may think you are stressed in your first year, but let me tell you, NOTHING compares to second year! We are so much more on our own. I mean last year we were "spoon fed" our class notes, answers to readings... NOT ANY MORE! We showed up to our first class yesterday and BAM! No "welcome to 2nd year", it was "hi, my name is... and I will be teaching this section of learning material". And we started. A 3 hour lecture on pregnancy. This is the first of three classes on pregnancy. I am already behind in my readings... having had to read 5 chapters for this one subject (I read 3 of them and gave up! I had no idea what I needed and what I didn't need to retain.)

Then there is Biology (Anatomy & Physiology III). OK, I admit, you start talking about chemistry and I am lost. The last time I did chem was in 1994! And this was just the begining. We had the 2nd bio class today, and nope, still not getting it! This time though the prof noticed (she is actually a really cool teacher) and backed it all up and re-taught it. Yippee! I now feel as if I understand somewhere between 50-60% of what we talked about.

On the plus side, I got credit for 2 of my university courses and now no longer have to take Human Dev. II (psych) and Sociology of the Family. (YAY, 6 hrs less of class time... I still have 26 hrs though, for 2 CLASSES!)

2 days down... how many more to go? (for those who are curious, 73 for this semester)

One Week Left

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OK, so school starts in exactly one week. This time next Monday (4PM) I will just be getting out of class.

I went grocery shopping today (BTW, NEVER go when you are hungry! I was starved and so, bought a little more than need be). Spent an hour and half going around the store trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch for school for the next few weeks and all I came up with was salami and granola bars!
I also ran into one of my first year teachers (for those in the know... the one who speaks softly and calmly and tends to drive us nuts in the process!). When I mentioned that I would see her in a week, she was urprised. Seems that she didn't realize that we started fall classes IN ONE WEEK!!!

Ah well, one more week. All I have planned so far is working tomorrow. Let's hope I can find something fun to do with the rest of my last week of summer vacation (might be my last summer off after all. I plan on working as a nurse extern next summer, cross your fingers!)

Getting Ready...

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Some of my MGH "Family"
Well today I accomplished one more important thing... Getting my leg brace (KAFO) re-adjusted. I have been having problems with too much clonus since I got it last December, but figured it was because I was walking more/doing more on clinical days. (This is when I noticed the increase in clonus).
Turns out part of the problem was that the velcro strap at the ankle/foot was too loose, letting my foot move too much = clonus! By keeping the strap tight, I can reduce the amount of clonus I get. So hopefully this will help... it better, I now have 2 days in a row of clinical!
(the brace, articulated AFO in the pic above is one I use when I am getting ready in the morning or when I go do activities like biking/sailing and I have my wheelchair with me)

I go to the IRM (Institut de Readaptation de Montreal). I really like them there, they are thorough and friendly and always available. Funny, when I was first told I was to be transfered there after being in acute care at The Montreal General Hospital, I cried! For TWO WEEKS I was a complete mess! I did NOT want to go, no way. But after 10 weeks at the MGH, who could blame me? It was my second home and the team (nurses, doctors, physio and OT) was my family too now.
Once there though, I quickly realized that I would improve by leaps and bounds. Learning how to shower and get dressed independantly. Learning how to use my wheelchair indoors and out, how to stand and walk without the support of people, but by using a walker/crutches and a leg brace.
I made friends at the IRM, people I am still in contact with today, mostly by email, but when we have MD appt. we try and meet up. My closest friend was a 60 year old man believe it or not. He is a wonderful caring person and is always ready to support me. (Merci Yvon).

After the IRM I went to Centre de Readaptation Lucie Bruneau. Where I did more PT/OT( yes I can now use the oven without falling in! Merci Dominique), worked out in the gym, went on outings (which helped me in a big way to see that I could still do the same things I had done before, though with more planning!). I met more nice people there, staff (Marie-Claude, Elene, Dominque, Isabelle un gros merci!) and patients alike.

So all that to say that I am slowly gearing up to start school... psychologically AND physically!

New Clothes

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Just wanted to show off my new sweatshirt... we had them made.Dawson College Nursing
(on the front), this (see right) on the back

Figuring it all out

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I still have to figure a few things out when it comes to this blog thing... like how to post pics and edit.. so far it's by accident I manage to do this! If anyone can give me a clue, LOL, let me know. :)

OK, took 5 tries but I managed to get a link working! YAY! I am not totally useless in computer "programming". Irene would be proud! hehe...

now... how the heck to post a pic on the page...

Freaking out already!

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School will be starting soon and along with less sleep and studying comes stress... I will have to figure out a way to deal with it, maybe this blog will help, let me vent at times!

I already have 30 pages of bio (A&P II) review notes JUST on the digestive system to go through, then another 30 odd pages of metabolism notes that my prof put up for us... keep in mind school has NOT YET STARTED! I should really start reading, give myself a heads up, but frankly I just can't seem to get to it. I should go sit in a cafe and read through it, that would work! Now I just need to find another person to do this with... less dull, haha, (also great distraction).

Picked up the course pack for nursing 312 (peds/obs). Reading through it is scary. Last year we were guided more, had to fill stuff out, homework that went with the readings... now it's just readings that are listed along with what we are supposed to know from that section.. no more "hand-holding" for us. And our lecture are each 3 hrs long, 2x a week for a total of 6 hrs. Then there are 2 days of clinical. I was excited about it, but now am getting freaked out. I read that we learn how to suction babies/children... I'd be less freaked if it was an adult. AND our OSCE has to be done in uniform this year and they are worth more. It feels more real I guess, 2nd yr. More "real" nursing skills.

Sometimes I get scared thinking about the future. I want to be a nurse, that is not the question, but I wonder how I will ever get enough knowledge in the next 2 years to pull it off. I know you learn more as you work, do your last semester working with a preceptor and all, but still...
I just have to take it one day at a time and study my ass off in the process.

Nurse-to-Be in 2008 *INTRODUCTION!*

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I have always wanted to try to do this so here goes...

A bit about myself...
I was born 3 months premature, and because I was born breach I got stuck. The doctor pulled to get me out and damaged my left brachial plexus. (spent the first 3 months of my life in the NICU). Due to that I have Erb's Palsy of my left arm. I have had 3 surgeries (all before I was 17) and have spent much time in the hospital as a patient (both when I was a kid and as an adult!).
When I was 28, I was paralyzed from the mid-chest down due to an autoimmune reaction. I recovered much of my function, though my left leg is still mostly paralyzed and spastic. (I walk with the aid of a long leg brace and a cane).
I am now 30 years old (sson to be 31)
Started nursing school a year ago and will be starting up again August 21st. Most of my decision to go to nursing school was due to the wonderful nurses who cared for me during my 2.5 month stay in hospital. They are my inspiration and my biggest supporters.
I deal with a few extra challenges in school and life that others don't and at times this means I have to prove myself to others and to myself!
Despite all this I am DETERMINED to do what I want to do, and now that is NURSING!
thanks for reading!