Med-Surg II

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I am on a medical ward at the RVH, a hospital where I did my med-surge 1 rotation (on a surgical ward). I hate this hospital mainly because it is HUGE and built like a maze... but I am there for the next 12 weeks and so will have to deal. So far it's been alright. Wish me luck!


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No one ever said school was easy, especially nursing school... 3 years of insane amounts of studying. Speaking of which, I have spent my day reading and re-reading my bio notes. Have a test tomorrow, first one of the semester. It shouldn't be that bad, after all there wasn't much covered in class. 40 questions, 20 for class material, 20 for lab material. It's the lab material that is worrying me. Ear and Eye and review of nervous system/muscular system. The ear and eye are driving me mad! It's not complicated, just there are so many little details.

Between the stress of school and wanting to get through med-surge II ALIVE and with a minimum 60%, and the stress of clinical rotation I am not gaining weight, rather losing weight. Most people wouldn't complain I know, but you see I don't have weight to lose. My MDs are always asking me if I am eating enough, that I shouldn't lose more weight... I know I need to eat more, but for me stress = nausea and not wanting food!

My new problem, or rather an old one that is getting to be really annoying, is that my BP is low. You'd think with stress, it would increase, but no, mine drops... so I am now in the process of playing with meds (with my neuro of course). Hope it works, because frankly as fun as it is to see how low it can go before I pass out, I need to be functional! I didn't come this far to be knocked down with hypotension.


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Just wanted to share a pic of my "foster" elephant Makena. On the side you'll see the website where you too can foster a baby elephant. Mine is the smaller one, she is about 18 months old now.

And he was so proud of himself!

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My dad came home yesterday, saying he had bought the cats a treat... turns out he bought DOG food! Small cans, fancy ones, for small dogs... No we didn't try it on the cats, though I am sure Sjoukje would have tried it as she puts everything in her mouth (she thinks she IS a small dog!).

Bear in a Box

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He is too funny! He squeezes into the smaller of 3 boxes I put out for the cats with a look that says "What...?"