Convocation 2008

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I have a few weeks off before I start working. I went to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

I did a bit of shopping as usual and Saturday we went to see the Visa USA Gymnastics Championships (Nationals). We saw the Sr Women's Final for All-Around and Event Finals.

It was AMAZING to see live. Reminded me of when a friend of mine and I went to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics.

I am glad that Shawn Johnson won, along with Nastia Liukin in 2nd place. I feel bad that Jana Bieger is being so poorly scored. Ridiculous!


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Well, I should change the title of my blog as I am now DONE with nursing school! I am not quite an RN yet, still have to write the OIIQ Board exam and Practical in September (20-22nd). For now I am a CPNP : Candidate to the Practice of Nursing Profession .

But much closer than when I started this blog... and I can FINALLY wear whatever colour scrubs I want! WOOT!

Update on EMG...

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I realize now that I forgot to update my post about my EMG and Nerve Conduction.

1) Yes it hurt in some spots, the first needle insertion I did not feel at all... the others I did!
2) The Nerve conduction part pinches and surprised me by that!

I was so tired that Friday, having been up since 5:30AM b/c I had my OSCEs that morning for school. I was only being picke up at 4PM from he neuro's office and I was done by 2:40PM, and had my Grad dance that night at 8PM! My neuro is sweet, she let me take a nap in the waiting room even after they were closed (she was still there doing work). I needed that nap too. I was up for 21 hrs that day!

She (neuro) did my right arm (3 spots), one spot in my left arm (deltoid only), and my right leg.

Well, the culprit to the shoulder weakness may very well be the Zanaflex I take, so am now no longer taking it. Damn! I liked it, it worked well for my leg.. too well I guess!

On the plus side, it may help me with the hypotension (low blood pressure) I have, Zanaflex tends to lower BP and mine is already low so of course the Zanaflex complicated it all the more. It may have also been weakening parts of my lower body more than needed too. My neuro increased my Baclofen from 60mg to 80mg to compensate for the lack of Zanaflex, but I seriously am noticing more spasticity. NOT HAPPY! I should be getting more Botox soon so that'll help.

On a side note: I am going to the USA for 3-4 days, VT, NH and MA. And I may be going to see USA Gymnastics National Champs in Boston on Saturday! YIPPEE!

Sex and the City!

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In honor of the SATC movie I bought a PINK & Sparkley drink shaker pictured below and a nice set of Martini glasses!