Slow summer

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Well, it's been a slow summer. Haven't done much. Studying the driver's handbook still and doing online practice questions.It's going well, not that hard.

Was waiting for the Harry Potter movie to come out, saw it and LOVED it, though I wish they hadn't cut so many details out...

Was also waiting for the Harry Potter book to come out and have read it through and LOVED it too. Kind of sad that that's the end of them, thoygh saw an interview where J.K. Rowling has said she will write an encyclopedia type book to fill in the story and backgrounds on the characters. That'll be neat!!!

Am going to get Botox again, for my left leg, this time the calf and the hamstrings.. yay, maybe now I'll get some sleep at night with less spasms!

Getting a CT Scan August 20 for my right hip, we'll see what that does/gives.

Going for a sleep study September 17th, again, we'll see what that gives.

If all goes as planned, I will graduate with my RN in May 2008 and be working as of June/July as a GPL (Grad Pending Licence) and so this means that this is my LAST summer off!

Happy Canada Day!

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