Things I have learned.. so far!

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This semester has been interesting. I am doing my internship which consists of 4 days a week of 8 hour shifts.

So far I have taken blood samples (first time) and gotten the majority of them without busting the vein in the process or just plain missing!
I have done ECGs, one on my own, and gotten a good reading.
I have perfected my PEG/NG/Dobhoff feeedings (sounds easy, but trust me, some crushed pills are pains in the butt and can really block up the tube), that and I can now do it in record time (check for residual, flush, give med, flush some more..).
I've swabbed more things for MRSA/VRE/Other than I thought possible in one month time!
I am now mostly on my own, meaning no teacher (from school) following my every move!

It's nice, we get our independence and learn better that way too I find. We are assigned to be with 2 patients right now, we'll get 3 eventually...

My feet hurt, my back aches, and I end up with a massive headache.. BUT I love it!