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Well, the time has come! I am taking the OIIQ Boards this coming weekend. The OSCEs are Sunday and the written is Monday. I do not feel prepared at all, and frankly fully expect to fail it this time around.. which if I do, is a huge waste of $500! BUT really, the prep book they sell us I find to be very lacking and has mistakes in it! (mainly b/c it is translated from the French).

The OSCEs are 16 scenarios, and the written is 100 short answer questions.. INSANE!

Wish me luck, those who pray, well pray away for me! All this stress to become part of the Order of Nurse and be able to write RN after my name!


TMKevin said...

The very best of luck to you. You have overcome much so far...you shall overcome this also.


RN_wannabe said...

Hi! i want to be an RN in Quebec too! May I know the official name of OIIQ's board examination for nurses? much thanks :Dn

RN2B said...

this is the website. The exam has two parts, one written which is 100 short answer questions. You write this in one day, part 1 in the morning and Part2 in the afternoon. The second part to the exam is a set of 15-16 OSCE questions which you "act out" with a "fake" patient and examiner watching you.