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Nothing will feel normal tomorrow.

Sure there won't be signs of the bloody violence that occured in my school, at least not any physical signs to the inside of the building... blood, bullets, all gone. But the memories are there, the feelings we have are there and the remaing fear is there too.

They say (psychologists and the like) that for 95% of us, this fear and sadness will decrease and disapear in the next 2 weeks. But what about the remaining 5% ? Those who SAW it ALL happen? Like my friend M who watched in horror as the gunman shot and killed one and shot 19 others.

I'm not sure when "normal" will return, or if it ever really will. Dawson is a great place with great people. The support that has been shown our "community" has been amazing. Our teachers have been and will be supportive and comforting. There are many activities set up for us tomorrow in many dept. as well as for the school in general.

Life goes on, it has to. For me it always has, no matter what the challenge... this is yet another one I have to face.