Today we stood as one

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Today was tough... real tough. The school did an amazing job at welcoming us back though. Staff/teachers/psychologists all were there to greet us outside and inside the school. They clapped and said welcome back, we are glad you came. Teachers who don't even know you would walk up to you and ask if you are ok.
I went to the nursing dept. and spoke to my teachers and hung out with friends. We cried and lauged, we ate (there was tons of food). We then went to the main cafeteria and signed the books they had set up, full of messages from us, the student body. We signed the "wall", large poster boards were hung with markers and we could write whatever we wanted.
So the first day back is over and I find myself still crying when I stop and think about all that has happened, but I know that I have friends and teachers who are there for me, no matter what.
Thank you to all who support Dawson College and all of it's students. Montrealers have shown us that they love us, they support us and feel the same sadness we felt on that day and the days since.