Freaking out already!

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School will be starting soon and along with less sleep and studying comes stress... I will have to figure out a way to deal with it, maybe this blog will help, let me vent at times!

I already have 30 pages of bio (A&P II) review notes JUST on the digestive system to go through, then another 30 odd pages of metabolism notes that my prof put up for us... keep in mind school has NOT YET STARTED! I should really start reading, give myself a heads up, but frankly I just can't seem to get to it. I should go sit in a cafe and read through it, that would work! Now I just need to find another person to do this with... less dull, haha, (also great distraction).

Picked up the course pack for nursing 312 (peds/obs). Reading through it is scary. Last year we were guided more, had to fill stuff out, homework that went with the readings... now it's just readings that are listed along with what we are supposed to know from that section.. no more "hand-holding" for us. And our lecture are each 3 hrs long, 2x a week for a total of 6 hrs. Then there are 2 days of clinical. I was excited about it, but now am getting freaked out. I read that we learn how to suction babies/children... I'd be less freaked if it was an adult. AND our OSCE has to be done in uniform this year and they are worth more. It feels more real I guess, 2nd yr. More "real" nursing skills.

Sometimes I get scared thinking about the future. I want to be a nurse, that is not the question, but I wonder how I will ever get enough knowledge in the next 2 years to pull it off. I know you learn more as you work, do your last semester working with a preceptor and all, but still...
I just have to take it one day at a time and study my ass off in the process.


Linda said...


I just graduated in January, and I felt the same way you did about what you learn in 2 years. Believe me, it is just barely enough. When you actually start working as a nurse, you learn a lot; you see a lot more each day on the job. I have been working in my unit (labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum) as a postpartum and nursery nurse, and still learn something new every day. I think the learning goes on as long as you're working. It will all come together for you. I raised five kids and worked two jobs while I was in nursing school (single parent). I was thrilled when I graduated.