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Some of my MGH "Family"
Well today I accomplished one more important thing... Getting my leg brace (KAFO) re-adjusted. I have been having problems with too much clonus since I got it last December, but figured it was because I was walking more/doing more on clinical days. (This is when I noticed the increase in clonus).
Turns out part of the problem was that the velcro strap at the ankle/foot was too loose, letting my foot move too much = clonus! By keeping the strap tight, I can reduce the amount of clonus I get. So hopefully this will help... it better, I now have 2 days in a row of clinical!
(the brace, articulated AFO in the pic above is one I use when I am getting ready in the morning or when I go do activities like biking/sailing and I have my wheelchair with me)

I go to the IRM (Institut de Readaptation de Montreal). I really like them there, they are thorough and friendly and always available. Funny, when I was first told I was to be transfered there after being in acute care at The Montreal General Hospital, I cried! For TWO WEEKS I was a complete mess! I did NOT want to go, no way. But after 10 weeks at the MGH, who could blame me? It was my second home and the team (nurses, doctors, physio and OT) was my family too now.
Once there though, I quickly realized that I would improve by leaps and bounds. Learning how to shower and get dressed independantly. Learning how to use my wheelchair indoors and out, how to stand and walk without the support of people, but by using a walker/crutches and a leg brace.
I made friends at the IRM, people I am still in contact with today, mostly by email, but when we have MD appt. we try and meet up. My closest friend was a 60 year old man believe it or not. He is a wonderful caring person and is always ready to support me. (Merci Yvon).

After the IRM I went to Centre de Readaptation Lucie Bruneau. Where I did more PT/OT( yes I can now use the oven without falling in! Merci Dominique), worked out in the gym, went on outings (which helped me in a big way to see that I could still do the same things I had done before, though with more planning!). I met more nice people there, staff (Marie-Claude, Elene, Dominque, Isabelle un gros merci!) and patients alike.

So all that to say that I am slowly gearing up to start school... psychologically AND physically!


NewDoc said...

Nice photos. Roll on, less clonus!