One Week Left

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OK, so school starts in exactly one week. This time next Monday (4PM) I will just be getting out of class.

I went grocery shopping today (BTW, NEVER go when you are hungry! I was starved and so, bought a little more than need be). Spent an hour and half going around the store trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch for school for the next few weeks and all I came up with was salami and granola bars!
I also ran into one of my first year teachers (for those in the know... the one who speaks softly and calmly and tends to drive us nuts in the process!). When I mentioned that I would see her in a week, she was urprised. Seems that she didn't realize that we started fall classes IN ONE WEEK!!!

Ah well, one more week. All I have planned so far is working tomorrow. Let's hope I can find something fun to do with the rest of my last week of summer vacation (might be my last summer off after all. I plan on working as a nurse extern next summer, cross your fingers!)