Oh Man! What was I thinking?

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OK, note to any and all future nursing students... you may think you are stressed in your first year, but let me tell you, NOTHING compares to second year! We are so much more on our own. I mean last year we were "spoon fed" our class notes, answers to readings... NOT ANY MORE! We showed up to our first class yesterday and BAM! No "welcome to 2nd year", it was "hi, my name is... and I will be teaching this section of learning material". And we started. A 3 hour lecture on pregnancy. This is the first of three classes on pregnancy. I am already behind in my readings... having had to read 5 chapters for this one subject (I read 3 of them and gave up! I had no idea what I needed and what I didn't need to retain.)

Then there is Biology (Anatomy & Physiology III). OK, I admit, you start talking about chemistry and I am lost. The last time I did chem was in 1994! And this was just the begining. We had the 2nd bio class today, and nope, still not getting it! This time though the prof noticed (she is actually a really cool teacher) and backed it all up and re-taught it. Yippee! I now feel as if I understand somewhere between 50-60% of what we talked about.

On the plus side, I got credit for 2 of my university courses and now no longer have to take Human Dev. II (psych) and Sociology of the Family. (YAY, 6 hrs less of class time... I still have 26 hrs though, for 2 CLASSES!)

2 days down... how many more to go? (for those who are curious, 73 for this semester)